Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When will the Avery-Hardoll line of meters be available for purchase?

A:  First article production meters will come off the line in March, 2016.  Production orders are planned to be accepted in April, 2016, with first production units to be shipped in June, 2016.


Q:  When are spare parts available?

A:  Spare parts will become available for purchase starting February 15, 2016.  If you have a spare parts demand now, the earlier you send it in the better we can allocate for your demand when we go live.  Please send parts inquiries to


Q:  Where will Avery-Hardoll meters be manufactured?

A:  Avery-Hardoll products will be manufactured by LC in their Lake Bluff, Illinois, USA factory.  A dedicated assembly line has been built exclusively for the Avery-Hardoll line.


Q:  What part numbering system will LC use for the Avery-Hardoll line, and when will pricing be published?

A:   For customer convenience, LC will use the same smart numbering identification system that Avery-Hardoll has utilized in the past.  Avery-Hardoll pricing for 2016 will be published by February, 2016.


Q:  What Avery-Hardoll products will be available?

A:  LC is immediately launching the BM series meters with Masterload II register, and Veeder-Root mechanical register.  We plan to release the new Avery-Hardoll Masterload III electronic register (with FlightConnect®) in 2016 and, in late 2016, LC plans to release the DM Meter Series, additive injection systems, and Avery-Hardoll valves.


Q:  What LC products will be compatible with Avery-Hardoll meters?

A:  LC's robust 'micrometer' style mechanical adjuster for calibration (both new meters and retrofit), our new Slipstream™ fuel densitometer, FlightConnect® wireless data acquisition software (on Masterload III and LCR600 registers), dP transducer, LC POD (Pulse Output Device), large digit displays and a variety of strainers, air elimination systems, etc. will all be compatible with Avery-Hardoll meters.


Q:  Will LC have local after-sales service for Avery-Hardoll meters?

A:  LC is actively working with local channel partners to ensure both supply channels as well as regional after sales service in each customer time zone.  Stay tuned for announcements regarding LC / Avery-Hardoll channel partners by region.

If you have any further questions - please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at