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FlightConnect® Wireless Fueling Automation and Data Management

FlightConnect® is an automated, easy-to-use data capture and data management system that streamlines and accelerates into-plane fueling operations, on the tarmac and in the office. 

FlightConnect software resides on MASTERLOAD III and Lectrocount® LCR 600 registers and dispatches fueling instructions as well as collects the details of each fueling at the aircraft then wirelessly delivers over 20 points of fueling data to your back office reporting system.

FlightConnect® Benefits

  • Reduced fueling times
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce processing time and data entry errors
  • Connects critical components and reports fueling data
  • Avoid inventory reconciliation errors and rework
  • Reduce transaction cycle time
  • No “per transaction” fees
  • No 3rd party handheld devices required
  • Differential pressure (ΔP) monitoring and shutdown




MASTERLOAD III™ w/ FlightConnect®

Liquid Controls LCR 600 w/FlightConnect

Liquid Controls LCR 600 w/FlightConnect

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1    FlightConnect® wirelessly dispatches scheduled fueling instructions to a fleet of SMART register equipped refuelers or hydrant dispensers from the fueling scheduler's back office computer.

2   The FlightConnect® enabled register receives dispatch instructions which is read by the operator.  The operator simply selects the dispatched flight on the screen and completes the fueling.

3   FlightConnect® automatically captures, backs up, and wirelessly reports fueling data back to your back office in .XML, .CSV, or other preferred data format.


• Tail number                            • Airport Codes            • Origin                           • Numerous user-defined fields

• Fueling date and time           • Fueler ID                    • Destination                   • Maximum ΔP reading*

• Fuel type                                • Aircraft type               • Fuel Additives              • Fuel Density*

• Units delivered                      • Gate number              • Requested volume      • Water Detection Data*

• Avg. flowrate                         • Start/End totalizer      • Avg. temperature*

*if equipment is equipped with appropriate sensors.


FlightConnect® enabled electronic registers include embedded wireless data communication software.  FlightConnect is only available on the MASTERLOAD III, LectroCount® LCR 600, and the LC DMS and can easily operate in a mixed environment of refuellers, hydrant trucks, and hydrant carts.

FlightConnect Daily Dashboard


FlightConnect® Office software provides an easy-to-use interface where the FlightConnect® database can be viewed and managed. 

  • FlightConnect® Office provides the bridge between the organization's primary enterprise software and the refueling equipment.
  • FlightConnect Dashboard provides all relevant fueling data for convenient supervision, management, and reporting.
  • FlightConnect® data can be imported into any enterprise software in a compatible data format.

FlightConnect Fueler Data Dashboard

FlightConnect Truck Data Dashboard

FlightConnect® Office dispatch screen. [click to zoom]    


FlightConnect® can shorten fueling times and drastically reduce the amount of time consuming manual data entry on the ramp and in the office. With FlightConnect®, fuelers no longer need to handwrite and carry tickets back to the office. Fuelers simply enter the flight details into a MASTERLOAD III, LectroCount LCR 600 electronic register or a DMS in-cab system.  When the fueling is complete, FlightConnect prints a ticket with the fueling details and wirelessly sends all of the data to the back office. No data entry is required.

FlightConnect® organizes the data fields and formats the data so that your back office software can easily import it into your fuel management or POS system. Software for your office PC where you can create and manage every aspect of the FlightConnect® database is also included.  Automating your into-plane fueling with FlightConnect® also saves time by eliminating many of the errors caused by lost or unreadable tickets and inaccurate data entries. Fewer errors equals fewer inventory reconciliations. And when an inventory reconciliation is necessary, FlightConnect® makes it easy to track down any oversights.